About Us

Tamkin Renewables Group provides single source development and financing services for the development of renewable energy and biofuel facilities that use proven technology. Our mission is to provide economical, sustainable energy and fuel solutions through proven, environmentally friendly methods by working directly with current owners and operators to develop new facilities or acquiring existing renewable energy facilities to expand their business

Since 1969, our development group has completed or acquired over 200 real estate and energy-related projects in 96 cities in 36 states. Whether we are acquiring an existing renewable energy project or working with a company to develop a new facility, this experience allows us to provide real estate expertise and financing related to the acquisition and development process.

Given the deterioration of our environment and the rising costs of today’s volatile energy market, reliable and sustainable sources of energy are vital. Tamkin Renewables Group leverages its real estate development experience to contribute to a cleaner environment for generations to come.